Antibiotic resistant organisms pose an increasing threat to human health. Inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics in the hospital setting contributes significantly to this threat. Studies indicate that 30 to 50 percent of antimicrobial prescribing in the hospital setting is inappropriate. To combat this trend, health systems are now charged with ensuring good stewardship of antibiotic prescribing within their facilities. Improved prescribing practices not only minimize the public health threat of resistant organisms, but also can improve outcomes in individual patients by decreasing adverse drug reactions and Clostridium difficile infections while reducing costs.

One large health system and academic medical center located in the Midwest is using the LogicStream Health Enterprise Clinical Process Improvement and Control platform for their Antibiotic Stewardship Program. The center has a well established program that has been in place for many years under strong clinician leadership. It has put in place many best practice interventions around antimicrobial prescribing and monitors the overall prescribing rate across their facility. Despite the significant improvements this program realized, they continued to struggle with some issues that were hindering further progress, including: identifying ordering patterns down to the individual prescriber level, determining which clinicians are not adhering to best practices, providing targeted clinician feedback and identifying when and where orders for targeted antimicrobials are being placed within their electronic health record (EHR).

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The graph above shows the top five ordering providers for targeted medications that can be controlled and managed as part of a successful antibiotic stewardship program.