Understand your timeframe for medication availability

Using the fields below, pharmacy teams can better understand when they may run out of medications. Complete the information requested and the graph below updates in real-time. Multiple medications can be calculated to assist with a bigger picture to include substitutions or alternative medications. The Drug Shortage App from LogicStream Health™ has an automated out-of-stock calculator in the system that assists customers with these calculations. If you have any feedback on the calculator, please send us an email. Click the video below for a quick tutorial of the calculator.

Famotidine-Ranitidine Conversion Example



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The Drug Shortage App aggregates publicly available sources and information from the community of LogicStream Health customers to identify medications that could be at risk, automatically assesses your inventory, usage and utilization, and guides the process for managing shortages with action plans to keep everyone on task.

The Drug Diversion App proactively identifies clinicians who may be diverting medications, evaluates nearly 40 signals using a rules engine to flag potential diversion events, and guides the process for managing the entire lifecycle of diversion investigations.