Identify and manage drug diversion

The Drug Diversion App from LogicStream Health proactively identifies potential instances of diversion to allow clinical leaders to more efficiently understand which clinicians require follow-up or a closer look.

The Drug Diversion App stands out from competitors by catching anomalous aggregated behavior across individual users instead of looking at medication-by-medication as other diversion software might. The App combines information from the electronic health record (EHR), automated dispensing system (ADS) and time and attendance systems in one view to allow you to have a complete view everything required for successful diversion detection and investigation.

Identifying possible instances of drug diversion is one of the most difficult tasks required by pharmacy teams. Health systems often rely on a retrospective review of medication adminstration, dispensation, waste, and return records looking for anomolies or patterns in behavior. With The Drug Diversion App, that work is completed by the system in an automated fashion by examining everything documented in the electronic systems to highlight those patterns and likely instances of diversion. The App provides a starting point and list of clinicians to begin reviewing along with all the associated signals flagged by the system. 

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How It Works

The Drug Diversion App provides active surveillance of provider ordering, administration and all dispensation activities producing a list of at-risk users to administrators or the leadership charged with identifying potential diverters.

It combines multiple data sources to aggregate warning signs across individual users instead of medication by medication. Then, you can do a deeper investigation of the listed individual and follow-up as needed or dismiss the flag all from within the app.

Information Powering The Drug Diversion App

The Drug Diversion App brings together the electronic health record (EHR), automated dispensing cabinet (ADC), and time and attendance information to highlight at-risk clinicians.

This collection of information allows administrators to instantly see prescribing, administration, dispensation, waste and return transactions and workflows for targeted medications to highlight potential instances of diversion.

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