Health systems are increasingly turning to the LogicStream Health Clinical Process Improvement software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to understand, control, improve and manage vital clinical processes. Adherence to evidence-based core prevention strategies and standardized care processes have been shown to prevent 17% to 69% of CAUTI cases.

The problem: 

• CAUTI is the cause of significant negative impact on patients and health systems
• CAUTI is the most common type of healthcare-associated infection (HAI) with an estimated number of nosocomial UTIs annually of > 560,000
• CAUTI leads to an estimated 13,000 attributable deaths annually
• CAUTI contributes an estimated excess length of hospital stay of two to four days
• CAUTI adds an additional cost to health systems of $0.4-0.5 billion per year nationally

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 The graph above highlights clinician variability in alert responses and how targeted interventions can impact standardization in care delivery.