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For the first time, The Drug Shortage App from LogicStream Health allows healthcare providers to be proactive about drug shortages. It dramatically improves the drug shortage management process which protects the safety of patients, reduces drug costs and improves pharmacist productivity.

The Drug Shortage App is the latest installment in the set of LogicStream Health tools available for healthcare providers. 

About LogicStream Health  

LogicStream Health is trusted by a community of high-performing healthcare providers across the United States. The company’s clinical process control and improvement software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform stands alone in its ability to help customers gain instant insights to improve vital clinical processes and patient care. As a result, customers reduce cost and improve outcomes.

The LogicStream Health SaaS platform is ‘must-have’ technology enabling clinical teams to quickly improve clinical processes in near-real-time and is designed for rapid implementation and easy adoption by end-user clinicians, informaticists, data analysts and executive teams. LogicStream Health software today is supporting hundreds of hospitals on a scalable and sustainable technology platform to standardize processes and deliver highly reliable healthcare.